We strongly recommend to enable two-factor authentication immediately after signing up.

If you didn't turn on 2FA right after sign up, you can enable it anytime on your Profile found in the Two-Factor Authentication section.

Enable SMS two-factor authentication

On the first step, select your country code and enter your phone number. For example, if you have a German phone number like +49123456789, you should enter only 123456789 in the phone number field.

Once you entered your phone number press the SEND CODE button, you need to confirm your phone number by entering a 6-digit security code that was sent to your phone. You can resend the code after 30 seconds if you so choose. If you didn't receive the code, you can change your number and request a new code.

Once you entered the correct security code, press ENABLE 2FA button to set SMS 2FA for your account. Then you'll be asked to login using the SMS 2FA code.

Disable 2FA

We strongly recommend you DO NOT disable 2FA, but you may need to do this in case you want to change your phone number.

To disable 2FA go to your Profile page. Then scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication section and click DISABLE button. You will be asked to enter the secure code from SMS. After entering the code, press the DISABLE 2FA.

Please be advised:

  • If for some reason you lose access to your smartphone and can't pass 2FA, you can disable 2FA for your account. To disable 2FA please take a selfie with the document you used to verify your account, and with a paper (with our company name, the current date, and the following text "Disable 2FA") on the one-shot. Send your photo to [email protected].

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