Immediately after taking a loan you will see your borrowed fiat funds appear on the Wallets page in the FIAT & STABLECOINS section.

Convert EUR or USD to USDT

To withdraw your borrowed funds using Tether, you first need to convert your USD or EUR to USDT.

By clicking on the Convert button, you will see popup where you can convert your fiat money to almost any crypto within the platform.

Choose USDT as a receive option and click "Convert". USD to USDT and EUR to USDT conversions are executed almost instantly.

Withdraw USDT

To withdraw USDT, find your Tether wallet in FIAT & STABLECOINS section on our Wallets page. If you have any USDT balance, you will see the Withdraw option as well as Convert and Deposit options.

By clicking on the Withdraw option, you will see the withdrawal form. Use this form to choose the amount you want to withdraw. It could be a whole balance or a fraction of it. Below, you'll find the field to paste your USDT wallet address.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you double check your USDT address

Tether withdrawasl are near instantaneous. The minimum amount is at least 4 USDT.
This transacions is fully Fee free!

Please fill out the form and press the WITHDRAW button once you're ready.

After sending USDT, the transaction will appear on Transaction History page. There you can find a link to blockchain explorer.

Thank you!

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