The option to unlock credit card loan repayments was moved from Profile to My Loans page. In this article you will see the new process of adding and verifying credit card.

Go to the My Loans page. Click on the REPAY LOAN button on your active loan. 

By clicking REPAY LOAN you need to choose the  Credit Card loan repayment option.

After clicking Credit Card option you will see credit card repayment start page with no any cards added:

To unlock credit card payments you will need to: 

  1. Add your credit card by providing details.
  2. Pass the card verification process by uploading a card scan and selfie with your card in hand.

Once you are ready, click on the Add Card button to continue.

Add your credit card

After clicking the Add Card button, fill out your card details using the form. For verification, a payment for less than 1 USD will be charged from your new added card and returned back immediately to your USD wallet.

You may be redirected to the 3-D Secure page if your bank has this option.

After adding your card, you will be brought back to the My Loans page. Please click again on the REPAY LOAN button and choose the Credit Card repayment option to go to the card verification check.

Verify card

Click on the Verify Card button on the side of your newly added card to continue.

In case you change your mind and want to use another card for loan repayment, you able to delete a newly added card by clicking  the "Delete" icon.

To verify your card you need to submit the card scan and your selfie with card in hand.

Please, note that the name on your card should match the name on your documents used for identity verification. We do not accept payments from instant cards and cards issued for other people.

Once you've uploaded your credit card scan and selfie, click the SUBMIT button. The card verification process may take up to 24 hours.

You will see a "ON REVIEW" badge on your credit card until the review is finished:

Once your credit card passed the verification check, you will see it as "Saved card" option. To use your verified card for loan repayment, click on the Repay Loan button on the side of your verified card.

Read more info on how to repay loan with added and verified credit card in this article.

Congratulations! You have added and verified your credit card for loan repayment.

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