Unfortunately, due to tech issues on our provider's side, card withdrawals are temporarily not available. We are working on that issue to enabled card withdrawals ASAP. Meanwhile, you can use the bank wire option.

To withdraw borrowed fiat funds from your YouHodler account using a bank card go to your Wallets and press the Withdraw button on the fiat wallet panel.

Choose the Credit Card option in the Withdrawal options form.

Fill out your card data and withdrawal amount. Press the Get SMS code button or use the Google 2FA verification app to receive a transfer confirmation code and press the WITHDRAW button.

Right after you send USD or EUR, the transaction will appear in your Transaction History. There you can see the status of your transaction.

Please be advised:

  • Withdrawals can be done only with debit and credit Visa and MasterCard cards. We DO NOT accept withdrawals to PREPAID and INSTANT cards;

  • Please, explore the full table of credit card withdrawal limits and commissions here;

  • The YouHodler company would not be responsible for the delay in remittance of funds caused by the receiving side provider.

  • YouHodler shall not assume any liability for any delays which are solely attributable to the payment provider or the bank.

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