Immediately after taking a loan, you will see your borrowed fiat funds appear on the Wallets page in the FIAT & STABLECOINS section.

By clicking on Withdrawal button, you will see several options. In this article we're going to discuss the Bank Card (beta) withdrawal option.

Withdraw USD or EUR to credit card

By clicking on Credit Card, you will see the withdrawal form. Use this to add the amount you want to withdraw. It could be a whole balance or a fraction of it. Immediately below is the field where you input your credit card number and expiration date.

Withdrawals can be done only with debit and credit Visa and MasterCard cards. We DO NOT accept withdrawals to PREPAID and INSTANT cards. 

Credit card withdrawal are near instantaneous. YouHodler will charge you a 5% commission (2 USD / 2 EUR minimum). 

Please, explore the full table of credit card withdrawal limits and commissions here.

Please fill out the form and press the WITHDRAW button once you're ready.

Right after you send USD or EUR, the transaction will appear on the Transaction History page. There you can find a status of your transaction.

Thank you!

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