How Crypto Savings Work

How to earn interest on your crypto

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YouHodler crypto savings works as regular savings, but with much better conditions and less limitations. You deposit crypto to your wallet, and get your interest at a certain regular moment.

How to start earning interest?

  1. After passing all required KYC procedures, you need to sign a Terms and Conditions in on the top of the Wallets section. Press the "Sign" button to proceed and sign the agreement. You will see a popup where you can read all the necessary materials and check that you agreed to the Savings Reward Agreement. After signing, your Savings Reward Agreement will be available in your profile section - Reward Terms and Condition.

  2. Once you do that, savings will be enabled for your account. Savings available for all crypto currencies that have an APR label.

  3. To start earning, simply deposit crypto to your wallet. You can deposit fiat currency and convert it to crypto within the platform as well.

  4. The total earned amount (calculated based on current crypto rates in USD or EUR) and the payout counter are shown at the top of your wallet.

  5. Explore a full savings conditions and limits here.

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