YouHodler provides multiple methods for users to profit from their digital crypto assets. Users can earn interest in crypto just by depositing and keeping crypto in their YouHodler wallets.

How to start earning interest?

After passing all required KYC procedures, deposit your funds to your YouHodler wallet. If you signed Terms and Conditions, you will see the Dynamic limit widget. If you did not sign T&C you will see the "Sign reward agreement" form. Press it to proceed and sign the agreement.

You will see a popup where you can read and watch all the necessary materials and check that you agreed to the Savings Reward Agreement.

Once you do that, you will start earning interest. Interest is paid once per week to all of your wallets that have an APR label.

Your Savings Reward Agreement is available in your profile section - Reward Terms and Condition.

Also, you can check your default maximum amount (Yield Limit) – the amount of your portfolio which will gain interest in the wallet section of your account.

To start earning, simply deposit crypto to your wallet. You can deposit fiat currency and convert it to crypto within the platform as well.

Read more about savings conditions and how to increase your savings limit in this article.

Please be advised:

  • Savings are not available for Swiss users.

  • Promo rates for GMT will be active until May 27 2022.

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