YouHodler provides multiple methods for users to profit from their digital crypto assets. Users can earn interest on crypto by keeping crypto in their YouHodler wallet.

How to start earning interest?

After passing all required KYC procedures, deposit your funds to YouHodler wallet and click on the "Sign Savings Reward" button on the top of the Wallet page.

You will see a popup where you can read and watch all the necessary materials and check that you agreed to the Savings Reward Agreement.

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Once you do that, you will start earning interest. Interest is paid once per week to all of your wallets that have an APY label.

Your Savings Reward Agreement is available at the bottom of the "Profile" page (web application) or the "More' section (mobile application). Also, you can check your default maximum amount – an amount of your portfolio which will gain interest.

Read more about savings conditions and limits in this article.

About "old term" savings

Before Jul 31, 2020, all users had separate savings accounts. This functionality was partially depreciated and now unavailable for all users who didn't activate any savings account before Jul 31, 2020.

As for users with old term savings, this functionality will be available until October 15, 2020, with certain changes:

  • Users are eligible to release funds from Old Term savings anytime with the compensation for all earned but not paid interest;
  • Users are not able to add funds to Old Term savings;
  • Users are not able to use Old Term savings funds as a source with Multi HODL.
  • Users can navigate to the Old Term savings using the main menu (web version) or a special link on the wallet page (mobile apps).

Also, Old Term savings users are able to use the new Wallet savings approach together with their current old solution.

On Sep 1, 2020, Old terms savings will be permanently closed and funds will be released to the wallet automatically.

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