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How to use YUSD and YBTC
How to use YUSD and YBTC

How to use YouHodler's demo currency

Updated over a week ago

YouHodler demo currency lets interact on the platform and explore all available features and products without any financial risk.

You can find demo currency in your Wallets:

With demo funds you can:

To enable demo funds for your account please reach our Support. To disable demo funds go to your profile and press Disable button in Demo funds settings section.

Please be advised that:

  • YouHodler Demo currency can be used inside the platform only;

  • You can not deposit YUSD and YBTC or transfer them to an external account or wallet;

  • You can not exchange it for real currencies or fiat;

  • YouHodler's Demo currency is made for educational purposes only. Any operations with this currency cannot bring real profit or loss;

  • Terms for all loans in YUSD and YBTC can differ from the real currency terms;

  • For all demo currency loans, the commission is 0%.

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