YouHodler supports two USDT networks - OMNI and ERC20. Before making a deposit you have to choose the correct network.

For withdrawal transactions, our platform automatically determines your USDT destination address format - ERC20 or OMNI.

  • USDT Omni tokens are based on and use the BTC network for the transactions. This protocol is as secure and stable as the BTC network itself, but the speed of the transactions is relatively lower compared with the ERC20 network.

  • ERC20 USDT tokens are based on the ETH network. The key advantage of the Ethereum network is statistically lower transaction fees and high processing speed (on average 15 seconds).

Please explore this article if you wonder how to deposit Stablecoins.

Before making a transfer, please check the address format of your wallet provider. You can check the correctness of the OMNI USDT address using the Omniexplorer, and ERC20 USDT using the Etherscan.

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