General conditions

  • The min deposit amount to start earning the interest is 100 USD (in crypto equivalent)

  • MAX amount is 100k USD (in crypto) overall on all currencies

  • Settlement period - 7 days

  • You can check the Savings Account interest rates (per year and compounding) and calculate your monthly earnings using this widget:

What is "Max Interest"?

Max Interest or maximum passive earn amount is the default maximum amount you can earn interest on. By default it is the equivalent of $100,000 worth of your crypto portfolio.

An example:

  • You have 100k USD worth crypto in your wallet (BTC, USDT, etc.). Then you deposit an additional 50k USD (in crypto). In that case, the interest still will be calculated on the amount within the limit of 100k.

Simple rules of "Max. Interest":

  • You earn interest on a maximum amount of $100,000 worth in your portfolio;

  • You earn interest proportionally on all your wallets with % APR;

  • Wallets without % APR will not affect your $100K in the portfolio.

How is the payout calculated?

Every 4 hours, we count the total balance of your wallets. After 1 week we take an average amount that you kept on every wallet for the week and calculate an interest payout for each cryptocurrency.

An example:

  • You hold 5000 USDT in your wallet for a whole week. After this week you will get 5000 * 0.12 / 365 * 7 = 11.51 USDT interest;

  • You hold 5000 USDT but moved 1000 USDT out of your wallet for 1 day. After this week you will get a sum of 5000 * 0.12 / 365 * 6 = 9.86 USDT (for 5K USDT for full 6 days) and 4000 * 0.12 / 365 * 1 = 1.31 USDT (for 4K USDT for 1 day).

How to earn more with Multi HODL

The total amount of cryptocurrency you can earn interest on is $100,000. However, this amount can be extended due to your Multi HODL activity. If your Multi HODL volume for the period is more than $100,000 then you can earn interest on more than $100,000 for the period when you have a Multi HODL position open.

An example:

  • You have 150,000 USDT in your wallet. Without Multi HODL, you only earn on $100,000 worth of your stablecoins. Then you open one MultiHODL with a $10,000 investment and X15 leverage. Your trading volume for this Multi HODL is $150,000. Thus, you will earn interest on the whole $150,000 (including your original $10,000 investment) while your MultiHODL is open.

Will I keep my interest with Multi HODL?

We pay interest for any funds you use in Multi HODL. Even if you invest your whole balance in Multi HODL. The same conditions for APR and payouts apply to all funds you use in Multi HODL.

If you close your Multi HODL position with profit or loss, the new amount will take effect on your interest only after you close your Multi HODL and funds are successfully returned to your wallet.

Please be advised:

  • The min deposit amount to start earning the interest is 100 USD (in crypto equivalent);

  • If you move funds out of your wallet you will not get any interest for this amount;

  • Payouts are calculated and paid in the wallet currency;

  • The total "earned" amount in USD or EUR at the top of your wallet is the representative value only and calculated based on current rates;

  • Savings is not available for Swiss users.

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