Bitcoin Cash will hard fork on November 15, 2020. In anticipation of this event on November 13, we will perform the following actions:

  • BCH Deposit/Withdrawal will be temporarily stopped
  • Option to open new MultiHodls based on BCH will be temporarily disabled
  • Option to open new Loans based on BCH will be temporarily disabled

All active Loans and MultiHodls will be closed on November 13.

We will take a snapshot of all our users to balance on November 13.

Until November 18, if the market conditions for the new coin Bitcoin ABC drive us to list it to the YouHodler platform, we will do so. In addition, an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash ABC will be deposited in accordance with the aforementioned snapshot.

Due to the uncertainty of the forthcoming BCH fork, the YouHodler Team cannot make any promises regarding the future listing of the fork-related coin or other possible outcomes of the fork.

We will act in accordance with the market situation and will do our best to make this event as beneficial for our users as possible.

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