Your friends get something too (besides the joy of joining the YouHodler family of course). If you refer-a-friend to YouHodler, not only do you get to choose your own reward, but your friend gets a reward of +1% added to any crypto savings interest rate of their choice for a duration of three months. That way, you both win.

How to refer a friend to YouHodler and get a bonus.

Step 1: Recommend our platform to your friend. No links, no special codes needed.

Step 2: Make sure that he or she opens an account, deposits at least $1,000 equivalent, and starts earning crypto with us.

Step 3: Inform our customer support about your friend (send us an email of your friend). We will check both accounts and make adjustments of your choice shortly after.

How to get the bonus

You can choose which bonus to get if your friend accepts the invitation and deposits at least $1,000 equivalent on the YouHodler platform. Check out the three options below:

Option 1: Get an additional +0.50% interest rate on a coin of your choice for three months (just one time on one coin).

Option 2: Get an extended maximum limit on your savings account (+$10,000 for each friend. Up to 5 people).

Refer-a-friend program launch date 24.02.2021

Please be advised that YouHodler reserve the right to change the rules of the refer a friend program as well as restrict access to the program for the users.

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