The refer-a-friend program was suspended on 9.05.2022. The new updated version will be release after the program improvement and fixing the minor issues. The new program release will be announced additionally.

To qualify for the YouHodler refer-a-friend program and earn a reward, all you need to do is refer one of your friends to YouHodler. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Log into your YouHodler account and click the “Wallets” tab.

  • Step 2: Click the “Earn more” button on the Wallets page. It will then take you to the page featured in the image below.

  • Step 3: Click on the “How it works” link under the referral bonus section. A pop-up will open with an explanation of how to get the bonus.

  • Step 4: Go back to the page to find your referral code and link. Pick a friend and send him the code or link.

  • Step 5: If your friend uses the code you sent, deposits at least $1,000 and holds it for a week, then you will get a $50 bonus in the coin of your choice. Your friend will also get a $50 bonus in a coin of their choice.

  • Step 6: When your friend signs up, you’ll see a blue banner in your Referral program dashboard saying “you’ve got a new reward.” Click “claim”.

  • Step 7: Choose which cryptocurrency or stablecoin you want to receive your reward in.

  • Step 8: After picking a reward option, click “claim now” to activate the reward. You’ll then see a confirmation such as an image below.

  • Step 9: Verify your account if you haven’t done so already

Once the reward is activated, you will see it in your wallet of choice.

However, you cannot withdraw it without first verifying your YouHodler account. Remember, all wallets on YouHodler are interest-earning wallets. That means the longer you hold the crypto in your wallet, the more interest you can earn!

How many bonuses can you earn?

You can invite unlimited friends to YouHodler and as long as they follow the easy steps to quality, you and them will both receive a bonus. See how many referrals you can bring to YouHodler and maybe even compete with your other friends for “best referrer.”

Please be advised:

  • The max profit from one reward is up to 50 USD in your chosen currency;

  • Several rewards can be applied at once to one coin as the prolonged increased interest term;

  • Invitee can make the first deposit with several transactions. For example, he deposits 500 USD with the first transaction and 500 USD with the second. Once the balance reaches 1K, the reward will be provided;

  • YouHodler reserves the right to change the rules of the promo unilaterally and at any time as restricting access to the program for the users. We will advertise any changes that occur to the terms. We reserve the right to exclude any user from the promo if he/she somehow violated the terms of the promo.

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