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How Dual works
How Dual works

How Dual investment works

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With Dual product, you can combine the yield generation strategies from decentralized finance (DeFi) with the simplicity of traditional FinTech platforms. The result is an easy-to-use crypto wealth management product for everybody, with returns up to 365% APR.

How Dual works

Let’s say you chose the 1-day AVAX/USDT staking plan with a 385% APR. In the next 24 hours, you get a result in the equivalent of AVAX or USDT, plus yield, nominated in the output currency. The output currency depends on the difference between the initial market price of AVAX/USDT and the market price at the end of Dual.

If the closing price is less than the initial price

If at the end of the Dual plan, the AVAX price is less than the initial price you opened your order, you get the payout of your initial amount equivalent and yield bonus of 385% APR in AVAX (no matter if the input currency was in AVAX or USDT).

If the closing price is greater than the initial price

If the AVAX price is the same or higher than the initial price, you get your payout and yield in USDT.

Benefits of Dual

  • The APR is guaranteed. Regardless of the market volatility, you earn your yield.

  • No additional fees, rollovers, etc.

  • Predefined results. You and YouHodler both win. Even when the value of the payout coin is lower than it was at the beginning of the Dual, the number of units will be higher because of the guaranteed yield. This means that if you receive your payout in a volatile asset, once the asset's price grows, you can convert it back to other coins, or you can open another Dual Assets deal. Youhodler earns its revenues from conversion operations required to execute Dual orders.


The only risk, that a Dual potentially can cause, is a so-called impermanent loss, which is associated with a holding of an asset that becomes cheaper after the Dual is closed.

Actually, the impermanent loss is not related to Dual directly, as an impermanent loss can turn into a permanent one only if a user sells their crypto (as an independent operation after the Dual is closed) provided its price has fallen. It should be noted that the impermanent loss accompanies the holding of any crypto in general, due to the volatile nature of most crypto assets. However, exactly volatility allows a user to make a profit with a win-win scenario using Dual. We recommend users follow their money management plans while performing a series of Dual.

How to open Dual

To open a Dual, please follow this instruction.


  • YouHodler does not pool customer funds for staking, farming, etc. outside the Platform. Every single transaction is segregated and connected to the exact deal initiated, reviewed, and approved personally by the customer.

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