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What is Dual?

Dual is a short-term investment tool that allows taking advantage of low-volatility price fluctuations. Dual is similar to staking in Uniswap V3. Your mono-coin input is divided by the two coins you chose to deal with. At the end of the deal, depending on the market volumes and volatility, you receive one of those coins back, plus interest. This way, no matter what the result, you will get your coins back.

What is the math of Dual?

Let’s say you chose the 1-day BTC/USDT staking plan with a 365% APR. In the next 24 hours, you get your BTC or USDT back depending on the market price. If the Bitcoin price is less than it was when you opened your position, you get your payout in BTC plus a 365% APR on your payment. If the Bitcoin price is the same or higher than when you opened your position, you get back your USDT plus the 365% calculated for one day. Regardless of market volatility, you earn a payout in Tether or Bitcoin.

What are the fees for using Dual?

Dual is absolutely free-of-charge product.

What is the min amount to start Dual?

The minimal amount to invest in Dual is about 100 USD equivalent of crypto.

How much will I earn?

Since the Dual result is predifined, you can see the exact amount you get with two possible outcomes in the Dual form.

Why there is a rate difference between the Dual duration plans?

Since it is volatility that is the key factor for a Dual profit, then the balance between Dual duration and expected volatility is the key parameter affecting the rate (APR) for different Dual duration plans.

What exactly do you do with the funds used in Dual?

Since Dual is a conversion-based tool, then after you open a Dual, the platform automatically uses your input to open opposite positions with the chosen pairs and monitors their statuses. Once the Dual term expires, the platform performs the reverse operation and returns the input back in the form of one of the assets from the pair depending on the price change compared with the starting price.

What is the company’s profit from Dual?

Since Dual is a conversion-based tool, the company get’s it’s profit from the exchange operations that are required for Dual processing.

How do you sustain such high APRs?

We keep such high rates for this product as Dual is a short-time investment and that allows us to maintain high trading volumes for 12/24/48 hours. In other words, if Dual was oriented on a long-term trading, the APY would be lower.

What are the risks of using Dual?

There is zero chance of total funds loss using Dual. The only potential nuance that can be considered as a risk by a user, is an asset value decreasing. If crypto drops, you get more crypto with a lower market value, which is only an impermanent loss - a temporal decreasing of the market value. This means that if you receive a payout in a volatile asset, once the price of the asset rises, you can convert it back into other coins or open another Dual Assets deal.

Can I ask how secure are the assets in dual assets holding?

Any funds hold in YouHodler platform are secured. YouHodler never repurposes or uses clients' funds outside the platform for investment in financial instruments.

What happens if the price of the asset falls extremely low?

Crypto-industry is a volatile market and it is our reality that the prices of assets might change extremely. Talking about Dual, you will get the promised output anyway.

Why do I have no profit and lose funds in Dual?

The key point of Dual is opening positions while the market goes one direction - up or down. If you are more interested in gaining more crypto - it's better to open a Dual when the market goes down. If you want to get more stablecoins - open Dual when the market goes up. But if you received the closing result in crypto (with lower market value) and used it right away to open a new Dual when the market went up, as a possible result, you can get a result in stablecoins. The number of stablecoins will be based on the initial input crypto value. You can see the exact amount you get with two possible outcomes in the Dual form.

You can use any sources to build your own forecast regards for the market move before opening Dual. But on our side, you always see the closing conditions, and of course, it is up to the investor to decide whether to open a Dual at a particular time.

Can I increase my yield limit or APR if I use Dual?

No. You can use a Multi HODL product, to increase the limit or APR.

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