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How Fixed Term feature works
How Fixed Term feature works

How to lock your funds and get increase interest rate with strongHodl

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As a customer-driven company, YouHodler is always searching for ways to offer the best deals to its community. For that reason, we have created a unique VIP offer for customers who strongly believe in Diamond Grip Hodling.

In essence, this feature allows an account owner to lock funds inside a Ledger-protected YouHodler account, generating interest at a rate significantly higher than the default conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The customer will retain full ownership of the assets in the account

  • The company reserves the right to determine the term, currency, and amount of assets required to utilize this feature.

  • The company reserves the right to void a special conditions for the account

  • The feature will be enabled once the terms are discussed and agreed upon with the customer in writing via email correspondence or online chat.

How can you benefit from this feature?

✉️ Send us an email at [email protected]. Don't forget to use the codename "FixedTerm"

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