YouHodler is not a bank with traditional lending and loan services. It is better, faster and easier. It works like an E.U. based pawnshop. There is the sale of the cryptocurrency ( where YOU are the seller) which YouHodler purchases. Following a pre-defined period of time, you re-purchase the cryptocurrency from YouHodler. 

YouHodler keeps your crypto assets safely and guarantee that your assets will be immediately available for your operations (withdrawals, new loans, etc.) once your loan is paid (meaning your assets repurchased by you).  

Every single “loan” on the platform is supported by an individual agreement, where the user ad  the platform agree on all key parameters: 

  • term
  • interest
  • currency
  • price down limit
  • etc.

These individual agreements may seem boring but they don't take long. Everything is automated, and all parameters automatically come from our user-friendly platform interface. 

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