You can repay your loan using any of the accepted coins. First, you need to deposit a certain amount of crypto funds. To do this, go to the Wallets page and click the "Deposit" button on side of your chosen coin:

screenshot of a multi coin wallet

This will bring you to the Crypto deposit form. Learn more about how to deposit crypto in this article.

After you deposit, click on the Convert button to convert your crypto to fiat (USD or EUR).

We recommend converting your crypto to the currency of your loan.

screenshot of how to convert BTC to USD

The execution of crypto-to-fiat conversion may take some time because of the real execution of the conversion orders. 

Learn more about crypto conversions in this article.
Learn more about the conversion timing in this article.

After you receive USD or EUR funds, it's time to repay your loan. Go to the My Loans page and press the REPAY LOAN button. 

Then, choose the "From my wallet" option in popup window. You will see the form where you can choose the wallet you want to take funds from. Select the wallet and click REPAY.

Congratulations! You just repaid your loans by converting your crypto funds.

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