How to repay a loan

Loan repayment options

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Loan repayment

YouHodler provides several options to repay your loan using crypto, fiat, or stablecoins:

  • Crypto - repay your loan in any crypto using the Convert feature inside the platform;

  • Bank Wire - repay your using a bank wire (Please be advised that to unlock the bank wire option, you need to verify your address. The process could take up to 12 hours);

  • Apple Pay - repay your loan with a fast Apple pay deposit option and the Convert feature inside the platform;

  • AdvCash (incl. Credit Card) - repay your loan using AdvCash with a debit/credit card. (Please be advised that the Bank Card verification could take up to 12 hours);

  • From your wallet - repay your loan using fiat or stablecoins from your wallet;

  • Close now - repay your loan using your collateral's market value.

Loan commissions

The commission is collected every 24 hours at the moment of opening the loan and then every 24 hours. There are two ways to count the commission:

  • The Fee is collected from the wallet (currency of the loan) if you have enough balance on it;

  • The fee is added to the debt if you don't have enough balance on the wallet (currency of the loan). In this case, the commission is higher. The commission is calculating based on the borrowed amount only (not on the overdraft amount);

  • The actual fees are visible in the loan card/form inside the platform.

Please explore this article about what happens if the loan is not repaid within its term.

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