How to make a deposit

How to top up your YouHodler account

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YouHodler provides various methods to top up your account using crypto, stablecoins, and fiat currencies.

  • Crypto/stablecoins deposit - the fastest way to top up your YouHodler account. In case you don’t have crypto yet you can deposit fiat currency and convert it to crypto within the platform;

  • By bank wire - this is the cheapest way to deposit fiat funds;

  • Apple Pay - use Apple Pay to top up your account;

  • Bank card - deposit EUR or USD directly from your bank card;

  • AdvCash - make an almost instant deposit via the AdvCash service.

Once funds reach your wallet, you'll be notified.

Please be advised:

  • To deposit crypto your account should be verified;

  • To use the bank wire option you need to verify your address;

  • When sending your coins please make sure you use the correct network;

  • The Bank card and Apple Pay options are available in the EU, UK and Switzerland regions for Visa (EUR, USD) cards only;

  • The AdvCash provider requires an independent identity verification procedure that could take from a few minutes to a few hours.

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