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AdvCash Deposit (Bank Card, AdvCash Wallet)
AdvCash Deposit (Bank Card, AdvCash Wallet)

How to top-up your account using a Bank Card or a AdvCash Wallet

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To deposit fiat funds to your wallet, go to the Wallets page and click the Deposit button on the fiat (EUR, USD) wallet to top it up.

Choose the AdvCash option in the top-up form.

Fill out the desired deposit amount and press the CONTINUE button.

You will be redirected to to complete your deposit using the available payment options including Visa, MasterCard or ADV Cash wallet.

A screenshot showing the payment method. Choose ADV wallet or choose to buy crypto with credit/debit card

After completing the deposit your funds will appear in your YouHodler Wallets section.

Please be advised

  • The AdvCash provider requires an independent identity verification procedure that could take from a few minutes to a few hours;

  • Our company does not charge any fees for the deposit. The AdvCash provider charges: 1% - For the AdvCash wallet payment, 4.5% - For the Bank Card payment;

  • Payments can take from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the bank providers processing speed and the verification process.

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