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How to deposit EUR/USD/GBP/CHF using Bank Wire
How to deposit EUR/USD/GBP/CHF using Bank Wire

How to top up your account with fiat funds

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To deposit fiat funds to your wallet, go to the Wallets page. There you will see fiat wallets.

Click the Deposit button on the wallet you want to top up.

After you pick the Bank wire option, you will see the bank account info to make a bank wire deposit.

Please be advised:

  • To use the bank wire option you need to verify your address;

  • The commission on incoming bank wire transfers is 0 (except USD SWIFT - 25 USD per deposit; GBP - 20 GBP per deposit);

  • The sender of the bank wire must be the YouHodler company client;

  • We accept transfers from personal bank accounts only;

  • All deposits without the “Description” field must be on hold for no more than 10 business days.

  • Bank wire processing time:

    • USD, EUR (SWIFT) - up to business 5 days

    • EUR (SEPA) - up to 2 business days

    • GPB, CHF - up to business 3 days.

  • If the user claimed ownership of the “unrecognized” transaction in Customer Support communication, then the user should provide additional info:

    • Bank statement from the client’s bank account with this transaction clearly visible, and/or:

    • A letter from the customer bank with confirmation that the client sent this amount.

  • If no one claims ownership of the transfer within 10 business days, the transfer will be sent back to the sender's account. A transaction fee will be charged from the amount.

  • The company reserves the right to request additional documents or verification steps including but not limited to video call verification, proof of source of funds, a selfie with the document, etc.

  • The Company is obliged to return your funds in the event that you refuse to provide any information or to accept to undergo any procedures which may be requested from time to time by our compliance team. Fees incurred for refusing to provide information or to undergo procedures shall be charged to your funds;

  • Due to regulatory prohibitions we don't support fiat wire transfers from/to Singapore.

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