By clicking on "Withdrawal" button you will see several options to do so. In this article we're going to discover the Bank Wire (USD, EUR) withdrawal option.

Unlock Bank Wire

Before you actually withdraw your fiat funds you need to unlock Bank Wire by passing Tier 2. Unlock Bank Wire on the Profile if you not did it yet.

Withdraw USD or EUR

By clicking on Bank Wire option you will see the form where you will put your withdrawal amount (either the whole balance or a fraction of it). Below this is an area of required fields where you paste your bank account details.

We have two bank wire options for two fiat wallets you have: USD and EUR. The EUR (SEPA) transfer takes approximately 24 hours. The commission is only 5 EUR. The USD (SWIFT) withdrawals are a bit longer: up to 5 days to non-U.S. bank account. The commission is 5% ( min 70 USD).

If you want to change withdrawal currency, please use the Convert option to transfer your EUR to USD or vice versa. 

1000 USD / 100 EUR is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Once you're ready, click on the WITHDRAWAL button. You will be redirected on Transaction History page. Your withdrawal will be enclosed with status PENDING. 

All transfer are approved almost instantly during working bank hours. The banking day schedule is 10:00 – 17:00 CET.

Transferring money to account using another currency

If you have your account in another currency (e.g. CHF) you may need to provide an intermediary bank details. Please, contact your bank to make sure you're able to receive payments in chosen currency (USD or EUR).

Sending EUR or USD to another currency bank account without providing these details may cause delay or bouncing of your transfer.

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