How to verify your identity

Pass KYC to start using the platform

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After you log into your new YouHodler account, you'll be brought to a Profile page. You cannot use the platform without verifying your identity. Fortunately, the process is quick and easy. Right after signing the Beneficiary ownership confirmation press on the Verify button on the Account verification form.

Press the Start button on the identity verification form to start the verification process.

On the first step, you will be asked to choose your ID type and county issued the document.

Proceed to the next step and upload your document scan to the verification form.

Make sure the quality of pictures is good enough and all document's optical security features are clearly visible and the chosen document meet the following requirements:

  • Allowed document types: International passport/International Identity card

  • Document's optical security features are clearly visible;

  • The document is not expired;

  • Scans of both sides of a document are provided (if required);

  • The document should be in Latin (A,B,C, etc,) alphabet;

  • The document should contain MRZ (Machine Readable Zone)

You can also scan a QR code and proceed with the verification on your smartphone.

Once you've uploaded your document you need to pass a selfie liveness check. You can pass this step using your smartphone as well.

Make sure that you follow the steps below while taking a selfie:

  • Your background is light (neutral color);

  • Look straight into the camera;

  • No headwear and no eyewear are allowed on the photo.

Once you've took a selfie double check your document and press "NEXT" to submit your application.

You can watch the verification status by clicking the "Check status" button on the identity verification panel.

Please be advised:

  • In a rare scenario that there is a problem with the auto-scanning of your documents, our team will review it manually. This could take up to 24 hours;

  • Our team will contact you in case you need to re-submitting something;

  • You will get an email and SMS with your identity verification result.

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