How to verify your email

How to verify your account email address

Updated over a week ago

To verify your email go to your profile settings. Click the Verify button on the email verification form to request the verification code.

The email with the security code will be sent to the email you provided on the Sign-up form.

Copy your verification code in the verification form to verify your email address.

Please be advised:

  • If you made a typo in your email and your account is not verified yet, please repeat Sign up process using the correct email;

  • If you've already verified your account and want to change your email, please take a selfie with the document you used to verify your account and a paper (with our company name (YouHodler), the current date, and the following text "Change email from X to Y" (where X and Y are old and new email addresses) on the one-shot. Send your selfie to [email protected];

  • If for some reason you don't receive the verification code, please send the following message "Verify my email" from your account email to [email protected]. Your email address will be verified manually.

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