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I do not receive email messages from YouHodler
I do not receive email messages from YouHodler

What to do if you do not receive email messages from YouHodler

Updated over a week ago

Email messaging service is essential for a few security services. Such as basic 2fa, verifying trusted devices, restoring passwords etc.

Our system sends the message within a few seconds. However, as unfortunate as it might be, we cannot control the delivery rate.

If you did not receive an email from the system to perform any of the aforementioned actions, please follow these recommendations:

  • Check your Spam and Archive folders, filters, and settings to make sure your inbox receives mail properly;

  • Make sure that you added our email domains to the whitelist/trusted senders list - This is a specific domain that we use to send system messages. You can see the full list here.

  • If you are having issues adding domains yourself, please reach your email provider's support team

What to do if that did not work

If after all the actions that are described above, you still cannot see the email messages that YouHodler system is sending, as a final option, we can offer changing email address (aka. login to your YouHodler account).

To change your account email, please provide a selfie with the document you used to verify your account and with a paper on the one-shot. Write the following data on the paper:

  • Our company name;

  • The current date;

  • A text "Change email from X to Y", where X and Y are old and new email addresses.

Please send your selfie to [email protected].

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