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Whitelisting Of YouHodler Email Messages
Whitelisting Of YouHodler Email Messages

How to change the settings of your inbox if you do not receive emails from YouHodler

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Our emailing services work stable and properly, but, in some cases, one-time passwords, trusted device verification or password restore emails, etc. can fail to reach the destination mailbox, and we can not control their further path.

In case of problems with receiving such emails from YouHodler the first-choice solution that could help in most cases is adding [email protected] to your contact list in your email account.

If the problem persists, so-called whitelisting could help. In simple words, whitelisting means letting an email provider know that YouHodler emails are trusted and should not be refused.

Domains to add to whitelist







In order to set up the whitelisting for YouHodler emails please follow the steps below:

Hotmail or Outlook

  1. Log in to your Hotmail or Outlook email account and choose [Settings] - [View all Outlook settings]

    View all Outlook settings
  2. Choose [Email] - [Junk email]. In the section [Safe senders and domains] click [Add], type domain into the field, and press [Enter]

    Safe senders and domains
  3. Click [Save] to update settings for your account. Now YouHodler is whitelisted

  4. Repeat for all YouHodler domains from the list above


  1. Log in to your Gmail email account and choose [Settings] - [See all settings]

    See all settings
  2. Open [Filters and Blocked Addresses] tab and choose [Create a new filter]

    Create a new filter
  3. Type or paste YouHodler domains from the list above to the [From] field and click [Create filter]

    Gmail create filter
  4. Check the box [Never send it to Spam] and save the changes by choosing the button [Create filter]

    Never send to spam

Such settings should ensure that your email provider does not filter out YouHodler email messages.

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