How to enable 3FA

How to additionally protect your account from unauthorized withdrawals

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Following the best practices of the high-end financial services industry, we provide a rare option for users to lock their financial assets.

Owners of accounts with balances over 100 USD (or its equivalent in any fiat or cryptocurrency) can request to enable 3FA. This is yet another layer of security in which our customers can use all our services and eliminate any possibility of suspicious crypto withdrawals. In that case, all crypto withdrawal options will be disabled for the account and all other features and products will still be available for the account.

How to enable 3fa

Reach our support team when you need to enable 3fa and when your balance reaches 100 USD (in fiat or crypto).

How to disable 3fa

To disable 3FA, in order to comply with security procedures, you need to take a one-shot selfie of yourself holding:

  • The document with which you registered on the platform;

  • The paper on which is written by hand today's date, our company name - YouHodler, and the text "Disable 3FA".

Please send your selfie to [email protected] from your YouHodler account email.

Please note:

  • Fiat (wire) withdrawals remain active while 3fa is on. According to our company rules, a wire transfer can be processed to a personal bank account (in your name) only.

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