YouHodler provides all its customers with their own wallets. The uniqueness of YouHodler wallet is that it provides a full range of required functions such as:

  • simple deposits and withdrawals;

  • easy conversion/exchange (crypto-crypto/crypto-fiat) any of cryptos, stablecoins, and fiat;

  • simple monitoring of the transaction history and status;

  • using the mix of hot and cold storage to provide top-notch security for customers funds;

  • all wallet holders protected by the Blockchain Association.

Get wallet

Wallets will be created at the second when you will sign-up and go to Wallet page in your account. There you will see three sections with the FIAT, STABLECOINS and CRYPTO PORTFOLIO.


To deposit your crypto, fiat or stable coins use the Deposit/Receive button on the left side panel.

For more details and info please explore these articles about how to deposit fiat, crypto or Stablecoins.


You can convert crypto or fiat just in one click using the Exchange button.

To learn more about conversion process, commissions and time please explore this article.


To simply withdraw (transfer) fiat, crypto or stablecoins to another wallet use the Withdraw button on the panel.

To withdraw fiat you can use bank wire or credit card.

Transaction History

You can watch all the operations statuses and a transaction history with your funds in the Transaction History section of your account.

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