To deposit fiat funds to your wallet, go to the Wallets page. There you will see two fiat wallets: EUR and USD.

Click the Deposit button on the wallet you want to top-up. After you click it, a popup with deposit options will appear.

By choosing "Bank Wire," a pop-up window appears with the bank details that you'll need for sending the payment (this could be a whole loan balance or a fraction of it).

Copy the details to your online bank portal and execute the transfer. Typical estimation time is 24 hours for EUR (SEPA) transfers and up to 5 days for USD (SWIFT). The commission on incoming bank transfers is 0%.

Please note, that you will need to contact the support team via chat (or email [email protected]) about your transfer. Also, don't forget to include your email and loan ID in the payment reference field.

Your transaction will appear in the Transaction History and charged to your wallet right after we receive payment in our bank account.

Congratulations! You paid your loan using Bank Wire.

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