According to YouHodler compliance rules, each deposit from 5k (EUR/USD) should be confirmed by signing the Beneficiary ownership confirmation. Once your deposit wire transfer arrives, the Beneficiary ownership confirmation doc (via DocuSign service) will be sent to your account email (from [email protected]).

To sign the document, please fill out the following parts:

  • The undersigned contracting party confirms that she/he is the sole beneficial owner of the assets concerned {tick relevant box}: Yes/No. Make sure you answered this question by choosing one of the available answers;

  • Signature. Sign the document using the DocuSign signature option;

  • Place and date. Fill out the place (City/Country) of your current location.

Once you answered all questions, follow the DocuSign service recommendations to complete the document signature.

Please be advised:

  • Make sure you answered all questions to avoid deposit processing and crediting delays.

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