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How the Take profit feature works

Use Take Profit feature to save your time

Updated over a week ago

With the Take Profit feature, you spend less time watching the market and waiting for the price growth.

As soon as the price of your crypto-collateral reaches the Take Profit point, our platform sells part of the collateral to repay the loan and deposits the rest collateral back into your balance.

How to get a loan with Take Profit

You can set Take Profit at the beginning of getting the loan.
On the Get Loan form, check the Set Take Profit toggle and enter the price of the crypto that will dictate when your loan should close. Set the desired Take Profit level and click the Get Loan button.

How to add Take Profit to the active loan

If the Take Profit wasn't set for the loan in advance, you can set it on the Loans page.

Press the Set Take Profit button to set the Take Profit for your loan. You can set the price at which your loan will close at and see the expected fiat profit amount.

If you want to change this Take Profit price, you should Press the Set Take Profit button on your loan again.

Please be advised:

  • The platform shows the min/max Take Profit price, available for the loan;

  • If you set Close Price, it can not be canceled, but can be edited.

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