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How to manage your loan

Loan specification

Updated over a week ago

After taking a loan, you will be redirected to the Loans page where your loan appears. In this article, we will discover all information displayed on the Loan widget.

You'll see all the information regarding your loan:

  • Collateral amount. This is the amount of your crypto reserved as collateral;

  • Loan-to-value. This tariff information describes which part of your collateral value was sent to you as cash;

  • Loan amount. This is the actual amount of funds you get on your fiat wallet after getting an actual loan;

  • Fee accrual in <time>. The time that will pass until to the next payment of the fee.

  • TP level. The price of the crypto collateral where a crypto-backed loan or will be closed automatically by using collateral funds to repay the loan and principal;

  • Current collateral price level. Here you can find the current price of your collateral coin and the difference from the initial price level in percent;

  • MC level. The same Price down limit;

  • Price down limit. At this level, your loan will forcibly be closed. You will get an email and SMS notifications once the price goes down by half of this gap;

  • Daily fee. The fee for the using the loan per day;

  • Total fee. The whole amount of daily since the Loan was opened. This sum includes a fee that is charged from the wallet and which is added to the repayment amount also. The number in brackets represents the number of days passed since the Loan was opened;

  • Borrowed. The amount of borrowed funds;

  • Opened. The date and time of the creation of the loan;

  • Repay until. The date of the last day of the loan (364 days maximum);

  • Actual loan balance. This is the total debt you need to repay to get your crypto back;

  • Loan ID number. Unique loan identifier. You may be asked for this number by our support during the troubleshooting process;

  • Agreement. By clicking this, you will download your personal loan agreement in PDF (also was sent to your email right after taking a loan).

Available options which could be applied to your loan:

  • Increase LTV (Get more). Allows getting more borrowed funds using the loan collateral;

  • Extend PDL. Allows adding more cryptocurrency to the collateral to change the price down limit (PDL) on the current loan;

  • Set take profit. Allows to set a comfortable loan auto closing price;

  • Repay. Click this button to see the loan repayment options;

  • Close now. Allows using your collateral market value for the loan repayment.

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