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How to get a loan

Borrow cash, USDT or BTC

Updated over a week ago

YouHodler provides their users with an option to get a loan using crypto or stablecoins asset as collateral. In return, the user instantly receives an agreed loan amount in other (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, BTC and Stablecoins). After repaying the loan, the user gets his/her collateral back, even if it has increased in value.

To get a loan, go to the Loans page and click the Create new loan button.

There you will find the loan calculator. All you need is to choose the Crypto you want to use as Collateral, the desired Loan Amount in fiat or cryptocurrency, and a comfortable Loan Tariff (LTV). You can see how much crypto you need to deposit to get a loan in the Crypto Collateral field right after you filled the Loan Amount field.

After you fill out the loan parameters, review the Terms of Service, and toggle on the switcher. Also, you can set a desired Take Profit level for your loan using the Set Take Profit feature. Once you're ready, click on the GET LOAN button. Your borrowed funds will appear in the Wallet section of your account. You can watch your loans in the Loans section of your account.

Please be advised:

  • You can explore all terms used in the loan form and platform (such as "LTV", "PDL", etc.) in our Glossary;

  • Make sure you review the Terms of Service before you take a loan;

  • The minimum loan amount is 100 USD;

  • The max total borrowed amount of the loans may vary.

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