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How crypto-backed loans work

General conditions

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Crypto investors like any other investors buy various cryptocurrencies and wait for the market price to jump up. But, in this case, their investments are "frozen" in the crypto. For instance, you as an investor buy BTC for 10k EUR. This 10K is frozen until you sell BTC (perhaps after the price grows up).

This is the exact moment when crypto loans prove to be very helpful. The investor can borrow a part of the market crypto value of the crypto, use it for any purpose, and afterward pay back the loan and get back the exact crypto amount. Eventually, it is the same result as with the classic investment, but you as an investor are able to use the value of your crypto funds.

YouHodler provides their users with an option to get a loan using crypto or stablecoins assets as collateral. In return, the user instantly receives an agreed loan amount in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, BTC, or Stablecoins. After repaying the loan, the user gets the collateral back, even if it has increased in value.

Important to know

Loan features

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