There is always a possibility that the market trend will turn for the worse, putting an opened loan in a vulnerable situation.

In order to secure the loan, YouHodler provides the "PDL Extend" feature.

The platform analyzes the current market situation and if the circumstances allow, gives it's users the option to add more cryptocurrency to the collateral to change the price down limit (PDL) on the current loan.

If the loan tariff and market conditions allow, the "Extend PDL" button will appear next to the loan in the users "My loans" section.

After pressing the button, YouHodler will calculate the new parameters for the loan.

Here, the user can choose the amount of crypto to add to the current loan.
All of the other parameters will calculate automatically.
After all the desirable parameters are set, please, push the "Extend PDL" button.

Congratulations! The loan is updated and the PDL was moved further to the safe zone.

Attention! Extend PDL feature is mutually exclusive with Increase LTV.

The feature does not work with the MultiHodl and Turbocharge

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