The main point of crypto-backed loans is to get cash in the most convenient way without having to sell crypto assets. However, the market is ever-changing and we want our Hodler's to benefit whenever they can.

YouHodler's platform analyzes the current market situation and, if the circumstances allow, provides our users with the option to get more fiat from already opened loans, without the need of increasing the collateral amount.

If the loan tariff and market conditions allow, the Get more button will appear on the loan panel.

Press the Get more button to see new parameters for the loan.

Here, you can choose the fiat amount that you will get in addition.

After all the desired parameters are set, please, push the "Get Cash" button.

Please be advised:

  • All new loan parameters are calculated automatically;

  • The Increase LTV feature does not work with the MultiHodl and Turbocharge.

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