Turbo loans provide the opportunity to create a "chain of loans" in one click. After the user pushes the "TURBOCHARGE" button, our platform automatically uses the fiat that was lent to buy more crypto without any fee (limited offer) to use as the collateral for the next loan in chain. Furthermore, the interest rate on each loan reduces with every additional step added. 

In order to use Turbo Loan, first visit the Turbocharge Crypto page.

You will see all available tariffs and will be able to customize your Turbo Loan

The minimum amount for the first loan is 100 USD or 0,01 BTC.

In this mode, you can set the initial collateral amount and set the number of loans, that will be part of the loan-chain.

In the lower left corner a parameter will appear showing how much additional cryptocurrency you will get with this particular turbo-loan.

After creating the turbo loan request, YouHodler automatically buys additional crypto for the borrowed funds without any fee (limited offer), uses it as the collateral for a new loan in the chain and then repeats it the number of times that you set.

Please be advised, that all operations will be executed on real crypto exchanges. Hence, the price rate and time of the transactions  may vary.

We recommend using Turbo Loan feature if you want to multiply your crypto assets using a cascade of loans.

Please be advised:

  • If the price of the Turbocharge loan crypto reaches the Price Down Limit (PDL), the platform is forced to close your loan and sell your collateral to avoid financial loose risk. The rest of the borrowed funds remaining from the last loan in a chain (if any) will be returned to your or wallet.

In order to get the cash with your loan, please, use the classic crypto-backed loans.

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