Turbo loans provide the opportunity to multiply your crypto assets by creating a "chain of loans" in one click. After the user pushes the "TURBOCHARGE" button, our platform automatically uses the fiat that was lent to buy more crypto and put it as collateral for a second loan in the chain, which brings the newly borrowed funds to the process. The process repeat it self 3-10 times depends on your settings.

You can explore this video manual to understand how Turbocharge loan works:

​In order to use Turbo Loan, first visit the Turbocharge section and click the Turbocharge crypto button.

You will see all available tariffs and will be able to customize your Turbo Loan.

You can set the initial collateral amount, LTV, borrowed ticker and set the number of loans, that will be part of the loan-chain.

In the lower left corner you can see how much additional cryptocurrency you will get with this particular turbo-loan.

After setting all loan parameters click the Turbocharge button.

You can watch your loan in the Turbocharge section of your account.

Please be advised:

  • The minimum amount for the first loan is 100 USD or 0,01 BTC;
  • If the price of the Turbocharge loan crypto reaches the Price Down Limit (PDL), the platform is forced to close your loan and sell your collateral to avoid financial loose risk. The rest of the borrowed funds remaining from the last loan in a chain (if any) will be returned to your or wallet;
  • If the loan will not be repaid before it's term will expire, the platform is forced to close your loan and sell your collateral to avoid financial loose risk;
  • All operations will be executed on real crypto exchanges. Hence, the price rate and time of the transactions may vary;
  • You are not supposed to receive the borrowed funds because the Turbo loan aimed to multiply your crypto asset. In order to get the cash with your loan, please, use the classic crypto-backed loans.
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