YouHodler reserves the right to sell collateral in the event of the collateral cryptocurrency price decreasing below a certain level ( e.g. "Margin Call level" or “Price Down Limit”). The available “Price Down Limits” for all loans offered on the platform are visible on our tariff plans and also included in the "Individual Agreements" for each loan granted. 

For users that means, when the price drops below the “Price Down Limit” (PDL) level, YouHodler is forced to sell users' collateral and close the deal. But no worries!

  • You do not need to pay anything. In this case, you are already on the safe side, meaning you are already sold your coins at the better price;

  • You will be notified by email in advance in case of price of your collateral drops more than 2/3 of the Price Down Limit;

  • YouHodler offers very competitive PDL levels. Hence, in the case of  “Margin Call” you simply buy almost the same amount of coins for fiat you received from your loan earlier;

  • You can manage your PDL to protect your loan using Extend PDL feature.

Learn more:

Terms & Conditions, Clause 5

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