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How to track the performance?
How to track the performance?

How to watch your reffing progress

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On the Statistics page, you can view summary statistics in various slices using different filters.

The Statistics section currently has the following slices:

1) Daily Statistics - use it to view your summary statistics or to check summary statistics for specific Offers/Countries/Operating systems (OS)/Devices/Smartlinks & Sub accounts in the most convenient for you way.

On the Daily Statistics page you can see:

  • Filters - the data can be filtered by specific Timeframe/Timezone/Country/Offer/Devise/OS/Smartlink/Sub accounts

  • Date -choose the needed timerange you'd like to depict the data for. It is possible to view detailed statistics by pressing on the date.

  • Traffic

Hosts - unique clicks. The uniqueness of a click is defined by three categories in Affise: browser, device, and timerange of 24 hours.

Hits - a number of all clicks.

  • Impressions - a number of tracked Impressions (not used at the moment).

  • Conversions - the number of conversions in Approved, Declined, and Pending statuses.

  • Finances - the sum of money that will be paid you for conversions, which have Approved, Declined, and Pending statuses.

2) Conversion Statistics

In the 'Conversions' slice of Statistics, you'll be able to see detailed conversions and export conversion statistics.

By default, you’ll see all conversions that happened within the last 7 days. Change the date range if needed.

On the Conversion Statistics page you can see:

  • Date - displays the date and time of the conversion (UTC time zone by default).

  • Offer - displays the offer name to which the conversion belongs.

  • Geography / IP - displays country, city, and the IPv4 address of the conversion.

  • Device - displays the device name (desktop, mobile, etc.), OS name and version (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Android 10.0, iOS 14, etc.), and browser version (Chrome 80, Mobile Safari 14.0, Firefox 84.0, etc.) of the conversion.

  • Status - displays the status of the conversion (Pending, Declined, Approved, etc.).

  • Income - displays the payout for the conversion, in USD

  • Name of Goal - displays the name of the goal

  • SUB1 - SUB8 - displays parameters added by you to the affiliate tracking link

  • Useragent - displays the useragent of the user

  • Comment - displays the comment to the conversion added by our team

  • ID - displays the unique click ID of the conversion

Meaning of goals

  • Registration - a user has successfully registered on the platform

  • KYC - a user has successfully passed the identity verification

  • Activation-hodl - a user has opened a MultiHODL deal

  • Activation-turbo - a user has successfully opened a Turbocharge deal

  • Activation-loan - a user has successfully taken a Loan

  • Activation-savings - a user has received weekly combined earning equal or more than 1 USD on his balance

  • Activation - general goal for Activation-hodl, Activation-turbo and Activation-loan. Always happens along with user’s first opened MultiHODL or Turbocharge or taken Loan

The events flow and the payouts for each event to generate the maximum of 150 USD payout is following:

Registration - 0 USD




Activation - 0 USD


Activation-hodl - 130 USD*


Activation-turbo - 130 USD*


Activation-loan - 130 USD*


Activation-savings - 20USD (visible after 7 days if the total reward rate profit was 1 USD or more)

*Only the first use of either of these products triggers the 130 USD payout

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