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How to trade using Bonus funds
How to trade using Bonus funds

In this article, we will explain how to trade using free bonus funds.

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Please, be advised that Bonus feature is currently in the BETA-test stage. It can be active not for 100% accounts.

It is a special currency that exists only in your YouHodler account. Its value is 1:1 to USD, and its purpose is to help you earn better profits from your MultiHODL trades.

How to get trading Bonus

Our team is always exploring new and exciting ways to reward our customers, and this includes the Bonus. YouHodler will periodically offer tasks in your account that lead to bonuses and even straightforward gifts. Keep a close watch on your account to seize these rewards. Below is an example of how a simple deposit can yield a substantial trading bonus for a customer.

Deposit EUR by Bank Card

How to use trading Bonus

You can seamlessly use the Bonus already present in your YouHodler account for your MultiHODL operations. Here is an example of how to apply the Bonus in a MultiHODL trade.

  • The MultiHODL creation form now includes a new feature that allows you to apply the Bonus to your new deal.

  • After activating this option for your upcoming trade, you will be able to view your Bonus balance, the amount of bonuses available for use in this trade, and additional details based on the amount of your own funds involved.

  • Once the deal is opened, you will notice that bonuses constitute part of your input. This indicates that you have utilized fewer personal funds to obtain the same outcome from your deal.👍

Important to know

  • Increase Position and Flip features are unavailable for trades initiated with Bonus funds.

  • Price fluctuations will first impact real funds. Consequently, all gains will be credited to real funds, and losses will initially reduce only real funds. Should losses exceed the real funds in an open trade, then Bonus funds will begin to be affected.

  • The proportion of Bonus to real funds in a trade can differ based on the trade specifics and account. The maximum allowable percentage of Bonus funds will be displayed on the screen when opening a new trade.

Promotion Disclaimer

  • Please be advised, that the Bonus program is optional and can be not available for the particular account. For any additional info, you can reach the support team.

  • YouHodler reserves the right to unilaterally amend or terminate the promotion terms at its sole discretion. Notification of modifications shall be provided through channels deemed appropriate by YouHodler.

  • YouHodler reserves the right to exclude the account from the reward program if we suspect a violation of terms or any activity we determine as abusive (for example, fictitious people, selling or buying of Identity Verification/Verified account, etc)

  • YouHodler may disqualify any account lacking economic rationale, aimed to address bad faith actions not explicitly covered by other terms.

  • Details of any investigation into bad faith or economically non-viable activities shall remain confidential.

  • YouHodler may, at its discretion, disqualify any account from the reward program for activities considered exploiting the program in bad faith. Such activities include but are not limited to:

    • Non-compliance or fraudulent conduct during the KYC process.

    • Use of cross-affiliated accounts to manipulate the program.

    • Engagement in dubious trading practices, e.g., arbitrage, lock trading, and scalping.

The goal of each promotion, including the Bonus, is to give our customers the best benefits when working with our company. Our team carefully checks each participant to make sure rewards are fairly given and to keep out anyone who tries to unfairly take advantage of our efforts to support our community.

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