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Loyalty program services F.A.Q.

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Cloud Miner F.A.Q.

How each miner level income is calculated?

You can calculate your Miner income by using the attributes of the particular level.

How to unlock all blocks?

Once you mine all blocks, the “Unlock all blocks” button will appear down the blocks board. Simply click on the button to restart the blocks. The Unlocking also requires sparks, which can be get by using MultiHODL.

What happens to my sparks after the level upgrade?

Once you get the level upgrade or downgrade, all sparks used in already-processing blocks will be credited to your spark balance.

Where are mined BTC credited?

Once the block is mined and collected, BTC will be credited to your YouHodler BTC wallet.

Can I just withdraw mined BTC?

You can withdraw the mined BTC anytime to the external BTC wallet. As well as exchange BTC for other crypto or fiat. Please be advised, to make any transaction (deposit, withdraw, exchange), your account should be verified.

Is there a limit on how much I can mine?

The max possible profit is limited by the max trading volume in Miner - 100 mln. USD. The limit can be increased based on the account level conditions. The limit depends on the following parameters:

How long will it take me to make 1 BTC?

The mining speed is flexible and is based on the user’s activity, as well as the Miner level. You can use the actual level conditions in the Miner section to calculate the average time you need to mine a desired amount of BTC.

Why I don't have a cloud miner?

The Cloud Miner section is optional since the system uses its own automatic algorithm for optimal product distribution among the users. If the Miner section is available - feel free to benefit. If not - no worries. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the account to get benefits from Cloud Miner, since the users' auditory grows fast.

P.S. Since Miner is mostly oriented the MultiHODL users, you can start using this product as well to speed up getting access to Miner.

Why did I stop receiving free sparks?

Each level includes a limited period of time when a free-spark generation is available. If the spark counter is off, then the free-spark generation is not available for the current level anymore. Once you upgrade your level, or get the level downgrade, the auto-generation will be available again.

Why should I use trading products to get sparks for Miner?

We don’t force our customers to use the trading product but provide opportunities to get more benefits for platform active users. From the beginning, the Cloud Miner was created as an additional benefit for MultiHODL users to increase their loyalty level. Combining MultiHODL and Miner is a great way to get the most out of your YouHodler account.

Why should I pay both for blocks unlocking and then for running blocks mine?

The mechanics of the product is unique and uses a game format that warms up users' interest. The lack of such a step as blocks unlock breaks the game logic.

Would referral boast my mining speed?

The only product that can speed up the mining and improve its conditions, in general, is MultiHODL.

Referrals and bonuses F.A.Q.

How does the Referral and bonuses program work?

You can receive cash bonuses by referring users to the platform (provided that referred users will perform certain actions on the platform) or by doing certain actions (opening Multi HODL deals, making a deposit, etc.) by yourself. The actual terms for getting rewards are specified in the Referral and Bonuses section of your account.

Where can I find the Referrals and Bonuses section?

The Referrals and Bonuses section can be founded in the top right corner of the wallet section, both in the app and web platform.

Where is my referral link?

You can find the referral link in the Referrals and Bonuses section by clicking on the referral area. You can also find information about the number of referred friends, their activity on the platform, and the total bonus earned.

How many friends can I invite?

There is no limit to invited friends. You can invite as many friends as you want.

When will I get my reward for completing the rewarding task?

The time for the referral reward to arrive on may vary. Commonly, it is 48 hours since the task completion.

Is there a limit for reward tasks?

The system works and distributes tasks automatically using the special algorithm, therefore the availability and the number of tasks may vary. In the Referrals and Bonuses section, you can see all the reward tasks, which are currently available for your account, as well as the amount and the limit for these tasks.

Where are rewards credited?

The rewards received by the client in terms of the Referrals and bonuses program, depending on the reward currency, are credited to the respective client’s wallet (i.e. rewards in USD are credited to the client’s USD wallet).

Can I withdraw my reward?

Yes, you can withdraw your reward anytime without any limitations.

Why my friend (or me) has completed all the conditions and tasks, 48H passed and I haven't been rewarded?

In the app, you can see the Referrals and Bonuses section with the conditions and the progress. You can see the progress bar which shows the actual completion state of the actions, which are required to get a bonus.

If all requirements are fulfilled, the time for the referral reward to arrive may vary. Commonly it is 48 hours.

Please be advised, that the Reward program is optional and can be not available for the particular account. For any additional info, you can reach the support team.

Why don't I (my friend) have the Referrals and Bonuses section?

The referrals and bonuses model is flexible and follows quite a few different algorithms, which means it is optional and can be not available for the particular account. If the Referrals and Bonuses section is visible, feel free to benefit. Otherwise - no tasks for rewards are available at the moment.

Nevertheless, the program auditory expands fast. Please keep an eye on your account, and of course, you can already benefit from the platform's other great products.

Why have the reward conditions changed?

The terms and conditions of any launched reward campaign (tasks) can be amended following the market conditions, and platform’s usage. And customers decide whether they will take advantage of these opportunities. The decision to use a particular product is always upon the client. If you feel that a product is not suitable for you or your financial strategy or situation, you may simply not use it.

Can Referrals and bonuses increase my Cloud Mining speed?

Currently, the Referrals and bonuses model doesn’t affect the Cloud Miner sparks mining speed.

However, Referral and bonus terms can be changed. You see actual info about the changes in the Referrals and Bonuses section of his account.

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