How Loyalty program works
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What is a Loyalty program?

YouHodler Loyalty program is a perfect complement to other platform's great products. In addition to your personal crypto investment progress, the program allows you to improve your personal product conditions and get real money by completing simple tasks on the platform. The program is designed in a very simple game format that can suit any customer from a newbie to an advanced crypto investor.

What benefits I can get?

Where can I check my level?

You can check your account level on the wallet section of your account, or in the profile section as well.

What does the Loyalty level mean?

Each level includes the following parameters:

  • Level name. Based on your progress it can change from the basic Newbie to the highest VIP.

  • Yield conditions. Reflects the improved Yield account conditions - Yield limit and percentage.

  • Cloud Miner conditions. Shows the amount of BTC you can earn in Cloud Miner in addition to the default limit.

  • All benefits. Detailed bonus conditions are available for the particular level.

  • Level progress bar. Indicates your progress in trading volume.

  • Level time counter. Time left till the next level update. In the end, based on your progress, the level can be upgraded to the next level or changed to the previous one.

What's the difference between levels?

The key difference is bonus conditions. The higher the level, the better conditions:

  • Higher Yield Limit. The amount you can generate reward on can be increased up to 200k USD in crypto.

  • Higher Percentage. The percentage can be increased up to 20% p.a. on your crypto assets. The full list is available in the All benefits section.

  • More coins to select from. The higher the level, the more coins (wallets) you can choose to get reward on.

  • Higher trading volume boost. The higher the level, the higher boost factor is applicable to all of your conversions. The boost can be increased from x1.5 on the starting levels up to x2 on higher levels.

  • Newbie - 1 wallet

  • Basic - 2 wallets

  • Jumpstart - 3 wallets

  • Silver - 4 wallets

  • Gold - 6 wallets

  • Platinum - 7 wallets

  • Diamond - 8 wallets

  • VIP - 10 wallets

  • Higher YouHodler Cloud Miner benefits (More sparks, Higher block rewards etc)

How can I increase my level?

You can upgrade the loyalty level of your account by using MultiHODL and conversions.

If you use MultiHODL, the level of upgrade progress is equal to the volume of your MultiHODL deals. An example:

  • You open a MultiHODL deal with an input of 100 USDT. With a multiplier level of X70, your deal volume would be 6900 USDT which is equal to +6900 to your level volume progress.

See all the details on How trading volume is calculated in this article.

If you use the convert feature, each of your conversion x1.5-x2.0 contributes to your trading volume and generate 1 spark for every 100 USD worth currency you exchange. For example, if you buy BTC for your 1000 USD, then this operation will result in up to +$2000 trading volume increase, depending on the current loyalty level of your account, and generating +10 Sparks.

In the nearest future, even more, YouHodler products will help to increase your account Loyalty level. Stay tuned.

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