Crypto Yield Account Guide

Step-by-step guide to your best experience with Crypto Yield

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What is a Crypto Yield account?

With a Crypto Yield account, YouHodler customers can generate reward in their crypto with the highest percentage rates, full transparency, and total control over their earnings.

How to start earning reward?

  1. After completing all required KYC procedures, you need to sign the Terms and Conditions at the top of the Wallets section. Press the "Sign" button to proceed and sign the agreement. You will see a popup where you can read all the necessary materials and confirm your agreement to the Reward Agreement. After signing, your Reward Agreement will be available in your profile section under Reward Terms and Conditions.

  2. Once the agreement is signed, you will see the Yield Account tab and the "Start Earning" button. Press it to launch and start generating reward.

  3. The next step is to pick the assets that will generate reward. Choose coins you would like to get reward on and press the "Start earning" button.

4. In your wallet section, you will see the Yield Account tab with all the important details:

  • Yield Limit. The maximum amount of funds that can generate reward (set in accordance with your Loyalty Level).

  • Earned. How much reward has been generated by your Yield Account (you can click on the tab to see more details and upgrade your loyalty level even further).

  • Time counter. Time left until the next reward claim.

How to collect earnings?

To collect generated reward, click the green button to add the earned amount to your wallets and launch the next earning period. This step is very important, as the new 7-day earning period will not be launched until the reward is claimed.

Important to know

  • The Yield Account Reward is available for claim every 7 days;

  • The Yield Limit, percentage for each currency, and the number of assets that generate reward are determined by the account's Loyalty Level;

  • Once the account's Loyalty Level changes, the generated Yield Account Reward will be available for claim;

  • A new 7-day earning period will not be launched until the reward is claimed.

  • Yield are not available for Swiss users.

YouHodler reserves the right to make changes to the Reward Service conditions at any time without prior notice. Please, see the full Reward Account Agreement Terms & Conditions in the Legal section of the application.

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