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No-Limit Rewards from YouHodler
No-Limit Rewards from YouHodler

Invite friends and family and earn crypto together

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What is a Referrals and Bonuses program?

The Referrals and Bonuses program is a great opportunity to get additional bonuses from the platform by completing simple tasks and inviting your friends to our platform. You can earn up to $10,000 in a $10K challenge as well as the friends you invite.

How I can earn my personal bonus?

  1. In your wallet section, you will find a Referrals and Bonuses program tab.

    YouHodler Rewards Bonuses

  2. Once you click on this tab, you will see all the reward tasks and the exact steps you need to follow to earn the bonuses. Both tasks should be completed in order to receive a reward.

    YouHodler Rewards Bonuses

  3. Once the task has been completed and the reward level has been reached, the color of the task will change to green and remain the same until other tasks are completed. Please note that the trading volume is calculated including both opening and closing MultiHODL operation -

  4. After the reward term expires, the system takes 3 days to review all the activity and the reward is paid.

    Rewards on the scale do not sum up with each other. (Please also consider the Important to know terms listed below).

    You can see the time until the offer expires on the Rewards and Bonuses page.

How can I earn unlimited rewards along with my friends?

  1. In the Referrals and Bonuses program tab click the Referrals section.

    YouHodler Rewards Bonuses

  2. Simply copy and share your referral code or link with your friends.

    YouHodler Rewards Bonuses

  3. Once your friend(s) signed up using your code or link and verified their accounts, they will see their own tab with the tasks that will bring them up to 10K USD in rewards. And 20on top of that you will receive + 20% of what your friend earned in reward

Important to know

  • The time for the referral reward to arrive may vary. Commonly, it is 48 hours since the task completion.

  • The system works and distributes tasks automatically using the unique algorithm, therefore the availability and the number of functions may vary. In the Referrals and Bonuses section, you can see all the reward tasks, that are currently available for your account, as well as the amount and the limit for these tasks.

  • Please be advised, that the Reward program is optional and can be not available for the particular account. For any additional info, you can reach the support team.

  • Rewards are flexible in both amounts and availability. Personal and referral bonuses will be provided in accordance with the conditions that you saw in your account when you started to do the task.

  • YouHodler reserves the right to unilaterally amend or terminate the promotion terms at its sole discretion. Notification of modifications shall be provided through channels deemed appropriate by YouHodler.

  • YouHodler reserves the right to exclude the account from the reward program if we suspect a violation of terms or any activity we determine as abusive (for example, fictitious people, selling or buying of Identity Verification/Verified account, etc)

  • YouHodler may, at its discretion, disqualify any account from the reward program for activities considered exploiting the program in bad faith. Such activities include but are not limited to:

    • Non-compliance or fraudulent conduct during the KYC process.

    • Use of cross-affiliated accounts to manipulate the program.

    • Engagement in dubious trading practices, e.g., arbitrage, lock trading, and scalping.

  • YouHodler may disqualify any account lacking economic rationale, aimed to address bad faith actions not explicitly covered by other terms.

  • Details of any investigation into bad faith or economically non-viable activities shall remain confidential.

The goal of each promotion, including the Reward Program, is to give our customers the best benefits when working with our company. Our team carefully checks each participant to make sure rewards are fairly given and to keep out anyone who tries to unfairly take advantage of our efforts to support our community.

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