How trading volume is calculated
How trading volumes are calculated and how they affect account Loyalty level
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At the moment MultiHODL is a main feature that affects account Loyalty level and allows accessing the best conditions for Yield Account and Miner. Let's see how simple it is to generate the volume and benefit from it.

Important to know

  • Volume is calculated with Multiplier. For example, the operation with input 1000 USD and Multiplier x20 means that its volume will be 20 000 USD.

  • Volume is calculated for both open MultiHODL and close MultiHODL actions. For example, when MultiHodl has been opened with a total volume of 10 000 USD and was closed with a profit of 500 USD - the volume in your Loyalty program will be 10 000 USD (input of the MultiHODL) + 10 500 USD (output of the MultiHODL) = 20 500 USD

To summarize - when you use MultiHODL, your trading volume always includes Multiplier. Also, volume increased for both open and closed amounts.

This model assures that your trading activity improves your account's Loyalty level in the most efficient and fast way.

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