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Increase Position in MultiHODL
Increase Position in MultiHODL

How to use Increase Position feature for active MultiHODL

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Please, be advised that Increase Position feature is currently in the BETA-test stage. It can be active not for 100% accounts.

YouHodler provides our MultiHODL users with a unique feature that allows customers to better control the risk and profitability levels of their active MultiHODL operations - Increase Position.

How to use Increase position feature

In order to increase active MultiHODL position,

  1. Click on the specific MultiHODL that you are interested in and click Increase Position button.

2. On the appeared screen you will be able to enter additional amount if funds that you want to add to your active MultiHODL and how the active MultiHODL changes, after you will do so.

3. Enter additional input, check all the parameters and click increase.

Congratulations, you increase total volume of your active MultiHODL. Note that increasing Total Volume of active MultiHODL affects MAX. LOSS level, MAX. PROFIT level and how the price change affects financial result of the operation.

Example of the Increase Position operation with formulas

Right after extending TP&SL initially TP&SL is canceled. TP&SL needs to be adjusted again according to new position parameters and an updated chain of loans.


  • Currency pair BTC/USDT
    input = 10 000 USDT
    multiplier = 2
    initial price= 20 000

    total amount BTC = 1

    total amount USDT = 20 000

    MC price = 10 000

  • Extending TP&SL
    add input = 6 000 USDT, BTC/USDT current price = 12 000

  • After extending
    new input = 16 000 USDT

    multiplier = 2

    avg initial price= 16 000

    total amount BTC = 2

    total amount USDT = 32 000

    MC price = 8 000

Important to know

  • Based on market factors such as volatility and liquidity, the maximum volume of a MultiHODL position can change. This parameter constantly fluctuates based on the factors mentioned above. If the maximum limit of the MultiHODL position is reached, the system will notify the account owner accordingly;

  • Increasing the active MultiHODL position affects the MAX. LOSS, MAX. PROFIT, and how changes in the currency pair affect the active MultiHODL. For example, increasing the active MultiHODL volume by +100% means that price changes will have twice the impact on MultiHODL compared to before the volume increase. This can result in twice the profit or loss for the same price change as before the MultiHODL volume was increased. By using the Increase Position feature, the customer confirms their understanding of these potential risks and potential profitability;

  • Each 1k USD added to your position is equal to 1 spark you can spend in Cloud Miner to get a real BTC.

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