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How the Multiply section works
How the Multiply section works

MultiHODL Profit/Loss level

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What is the Multiply section?

The Multiply section settings allow managing your investment risk by increasing or decreasing the amount of borrowed funds in the MultiHODL chain of loans, a.g. your deal volume. The more the Multiply section value, the more the MultiHODL volume, and the higher the potential profit. You can choose between small profit with minimal margin call risks or high profit with high margin call risks depending on your personal investment strategy and the current market conditions.

How to change the Multiply level?

You can change the Multiply level while opening the MultiHODL by moving the Multiply section tumbler, or using the preset Multiply level between x2 and x50 as shown below.

Once you set the Multiply level for your MultiHODL, you can continue with Take Profit and Stop Loss settings.

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