The whole premise of YouHodler is that "HODLers" can get a cash loan without having to sell their crypto assets. But how can you be sure we will keep your crypto safe and give it back to you after paying the loan? There are several factors in which YouHodler is both morally and legally obligated to return your collateral. Let's go over them now. 


As you can imagine, YouHodler wouldn't get very far if we didn't abide by the rules. As a team that prides itself on transparency, honesty and regulation, we take our reputation extremely seriously. We have a global audience depending on us for quick, efficient loans and we do our best to satisfy their needs. As a new startup in the crypto lending sphere, we need to build our reputation from not only the technological spectrum, but the moral point of view as well.


Speeches about moral justice aside, YouHodler also has legal obligations to uphold. Each deal is legally structured by contracts and falls under EU laws. These automated personal contracts ensure each loan is accounted for and properly executed. In the rare case something goes wrong in the loan process, then we have another solution for you that creates additional insurance.


Many of you have asked what our partnership with the Financial Commission/Blockchain Association has to do with crypto lending. Besides partnering with a credible organization, being a member of the Financial Commission brings benefits to our users as well. If you feel YouHodler wronged you in anyway during the loan process, you are free to file your own, independent dispute with the Financial Comission who has a legendary track record when it comes to complaint resolution.

Visit their site here to learn more about the Blockchain Association's benefits and how they can help you in the case of a problem.

If you'd like to file a complaint with the Blockchain Association, you can do so here

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