YouHodler pays high attention to customers' accounts and personal data security. In additional to the platform security system, YouHodler provides customers with personal high security level options. 

In order to set the additional level of security and protect the account all users can apply one of two 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) available options:

  • SMS 2FA. The platform send user mobile phone number a text message containing a one-time security code whenever user signs in his account. Please follow this instruction to enable SMS 2FA for your account.
  • Google 2FA. It allows to use special app that generates a unique security code upon user's request to let him use it within the YouHodler platform. Please follow this instruction to enable Google 2FA for your account.

Please be advised:

  • The SMS 2FA is much less stable due to possible reasons associated with the phone connection operators. We recommend using Google 2FA since it is much more stable and comfortable;
  • We strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication immediately after signing up and don't switch it off while using the platform.

Please contact us via support chat if you have any questions or issues regarding setting 2FA.

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