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YouHodler user's personal account security

How to protect your account with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Updated over a week ago

YouHodler pays high attention to customers' accounts and personal data security. In addition to the platform security system, YouHodler provides customers with personal high-security level options. 

In order to set the additional level of security and protect the account all users can apply one of two 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) available options:

  • SMS 2FA. The platform sends a user mobile phone number a text message containing a one-time security code whenever a user signs in his account. Please follow this instruction to enable SMS 2FA for your account.

  • Google 2FA. It allows to use a special app that generates a unique security code upon the user's request to let him use it within the YouHodler platform. Please follow this instruction to enable Google 2FA for your account.

Please be advised:

  • The SMS 2FA is much less stable due to possible reasons associated with the phone connection operators. We recommend using Google 2FA since it is much more stable and comfortable;

  • We strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication immediately after signing up and don't switch it off while using the platform.

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