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How YouHodler keeps customers personal data in safety

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YouHodler uses best practices in implementing technical measures to ensure the security of company systems and customer data:

  • YouHodler does not store customer's credit cards data, but it sends payments providers directly;

  • All credit card operations are under PCI Security Standards; 

  • All crypto operations are in accordance with Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS);

  • YouHodler runs external security audits on a regular basis;

  • YouHodler sends all the KYC data directly to the identity verification service provider (SumSub - one of the leading providers on the market; Clients with accounts from 2022 or earlier may have been onboarded with IdentityMind and/or Ondato);

  • All YouHodler customers passwords stored in SHA256 encrypt with Salt;

  • YouHodler uses SSL for encrypting data on the client-server connection;

  • YouHodler has the OAuth 2.0 tokens invalidation algorithm for authentication.

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