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How to manage 2fa

Common questions about 2FA

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YouHodler provides and supports several 2FA options to secure customers' accounts - SMS 2FA, Google 2FA, and Email 2FA. Due to the platform security policy, the Email 2fa is set for the account by default. You can switch to SMS or Google 2FA in your profile settings.

How to enable 2FA

To enable 2fa please follow these instructions:

2FA common issues

The 2fa is a black box service. There is not much that can be done about it. We don't control the reaction to the code that you are entering. You are entering the code, it is getting sent to the 2fa service and compared with the factual code on the server (in the case of Google authentication - Google servers).

The common reason why when you're entering the code, you see the error "invalid code" is you are entering an incorrect code or you are entering a code not timely.

If Google/Authy 2FA code is not accepted:

  • Check if the time on your device and on the Google Authenticator app is synced. On the device check General settings/Date & Time/Set Automatically. In the Google, Authenticator app. go to Main menu/tap More/Settings/Time correction for codes/Sync now. (See the alternative solutions here).

If SMS with 2FA code is not coming:

  • SMS may arrive with a delay of 10-15 minutes;

  • If SMS is not coming, check and reboot your mobile connection (with your mobile provider);

  • If SMS still doesn't arrive, proceed with disabling 2FA.

If Email 2FA code is not accepted:

  • If Email 2FA code is not coming, check the spam folder;

  • Use web version. Clear your browser cache, request an Email 2FA verification code, and log in to your account;

  • If the code is not accepting, proceed with disabling 2FA.

How to disable 2FA

To disable 2FA, please reach our support team via chat or [email protected] and prepare the document with which you registered on the platform for passing the identity liveness check.

After disabling SMS or Google 2FA will be changed to Email 2FA. Right after that you can log in to your account and set a preferred 2FA (SMS or Google 2FA) again.

If you can't log in using Email 2FA, please reach our support via chat or [email protected].

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